The mission of our youth ministry is the same as it is for our church: To honor God by helping people experience the hope of Christ so that they may become His fully committed followers.  

We are committed to faithfully teaching the Scriptures and engaging our young people in the larger community of believers. 

We partner with parents of families, encouraging parents to embrace their role as primary faith influencers in the lives of their young people.  

And in all we do, we point them to Christ, for it is in Him that they find their true identity, not in the lost and broken world in which they live.  

When and Where We Meet

Students grades 6-12 meet on Monday evenings from 6:30 - 8:15 p.m. in our church facility located at 1445 N Argonne. Join us for fun, fellowship and time in the Word.

Teaching Topics

  • 9/18 - What is the church? - Eph 4:11-16
  • 9/25 - Why do we meet and how should the church interact with the world?
  • 10/2 - What is worship?  Why do we use music? — Jeremy Barnett
  • 10/9 - Why is the church involved in foreign missions?  Why are we involved in the manner we are?  How should we be involved? — Jonathan Schmidt
  • 10/16 - What is baptism?
  • 10/23 - What is communion?
  • 10/30 - ACTIVITY
  • 11/6 - Why do we take offerings?  What do we do with them?
  • 11/13 - Why do we have our form of church government and leadership?  —  Eric Hinnenkamp
  • 11/20 - Why are there so many types of churches?  What are acceptable/unacceptable differences?
  • 11/27 - ACTIVITY
  • 12/4 - How can I be involved in church?  What is my role in the church?

Fall 2017 Calendar

  • Sat. 10/14 - Assist with the Harvest Party.  The youth will be organizing and running the games and activities for kids.
  • Mon. 10/30 - Youth scavenger hunt.
  • Fri. 11/10 - Fall Jam outreach event.
  • Mon. 11/27 - Girls and Guys will each have a separate event during the normal youth time - TBD.
  • Mon. 12/11 - Youth will put on a Christmas party for the Prime Timers and ‘shut-ins’.  I would like to have those with musical talents have some things prepared.  We will also have a group time of Christmas worship and readings.  And of course Christmas treats!
  • Mon. 12/18 - Christmas party for the Youth group.  Possibly a gift exchange and other Christmas games/activities.
  • No youth group on 12/25 or 1/1 (Christmas and New Years day)

Looking Ahead

  • January 19-21 - Winter retreat at Riverview Bible Camp.  More to come…

Core Group

This will be an opportunity for youth who want to grow in their walk with the Lord to do so in an encouraging way.  We will do the following:  

  • Meet with the student to assess where they are at currently in their spiritual life.  We will initially focus on a clear understanding of the gospel and other basics such as baptism, communion, etc…
  • Set various goals for the student in their personal spiritual habits and assist them in:
    • identifying one or two people who can disciple/mentor them and hold them accountable.
    • identifying one or two peers in the core group who they can stay accountable and share with.
    • work toward finding someone (perhaps younger than they are) who they can invest in and start to challenge in their spiritual walk.
  • Work to identify spiritual gifts, talents, and interests as a way to help in becoming involved in the larger church body.